The next-gen Tegra Note tablet: A 2014 tablet in 2013

Nvidia is doing some fascinating things this year. First the company debuted a gaming device known as "Shield" which outperformed every portable gaming handset on the market and could even replace consoles by placing the performance in a real gaming controller. 

Intel’s quarky future: Prepare your inner geek to be amazed

Intel Developer’s Forum kicks off this week and there is a little event put on by Intel Labs called Day 0. This event is typically a showcase for devices developed by Intel Labs, although this year it served to get us ready for an unexpected announcement by Santa Clara regarding a new product line called Quark. 

Samsung Gear vs. Qualcomm Toq: The unbattle of smartwatches

While it would certainly be easy to look at these two products and envision a huge battle for the hearts and minds of the consumer, neither are likely to capture the imagination of huge numbers of buyers - at least not at this point in time. 

What a smartwatch will need to iPod the mobile market

Samsung, Apple and a number of other industry heavyweights are poised to make a run for the next "iPod event." As such, I thought it would be interesting to explore how a corporation could go about recreating an iPod, iPhone, or iPad moment with yet another mobile device.  

Why life will go on if Apple debuts a gold iPhone

First, let’s start off by saying the vast majority of rumors circulating before the imminent debut of a new Apple iPhone are patently false. Historically, many were started by the powers that be at Cuperino in an effort to more accurately trace corporate leaks.

How to make a bazillion dollars in 2014 from Windows XP

Support for Windows XP is officially ending in April, although it is estimated that about a third of the world will still be using the slowly aging operating system.   

Smart Electric may now be a smarter choice than a Telsa S

I use the word “may” advisedly, because like any answer to a problem it depends a great deal on what you want to do with the cars. But at an estimated $139 a month lease, the Smart Electric is far cheaper than the Tesla S to own, easier to park (critical to a commuter car). Plus, you can better afford another car to drive distance, also critical if you own any electric.  

The NOKIA 1020 = the new iPhone

The Nokia 1020 is really the first breakout phone from any manufacturer that I think could recapture some of the exclusivity Apple's iPhone has lost.   

Logan’s Run: NVIDIA’s Kepler moves to revolutionize mobile devices

Kepler is Nvidia's lead graphic card technology. Typically, such graphics tech wouldn’t be capable of running on a mobile device - most of which simply lack the necessary electrical horsepower to drive it.

The end of cable TV is nigh - Aereo wins another round

I was around when cable first came to market, with the so-called "experts" arguing that no one would be stupid enough to pay for something you could get for free, namely advertising funded TV programs. And here we are decades later, pretty much proving them wrong, because, yes we are stupid enough.

Dell vs. Icahn: Betting on a sure thing

Taking Dell private was never going to be an easy task. It is a big corporation and pulling together the cash to make this happen while jumping through all of the regulatory hoops would, for many CEOs, be more effort than it is worth.  

Living with NVIDIA Shield - the “other” Android gaming device

Nvidia's gaming system, Shield, could prove to be a lot of fun. Rob Enderle experiences the joys beyond traditional gaming.

Why I love Windows 8.1

I’m a Windows 8 user, even though I whined like a little baby when first struggling with the new UI like most. Of course I’m long over that - restoring to whining only when I’m given a Windows 7 machine to use. And Windows XP? Honestly, it feels like I’ve stepped back into the dark ages.   

Opinion: Why Carl Icahn is full of crap in the Dell deal

I just finished reading an article in the WSJ talking about Icahn’s move against the Dell buyout and I think it is nonsense. Well, not the article, but rather, Icahn’s move to profit off killing the company. 

Why the NSA leak may boost Blackberry (and force us to move to Canada)

We seem to have learned three important lessons in the wake of the latest NSA leak. First off, the US and Chinese government have an uncomfortable number of things in common.

Privacy: How Google and you may be totally screwed

Another week, another scandal at the Obama Administration. Yes, the administration really should now be carrying an official tagline that reads "Scandals’r Us." The latest? The federal government has been collecting all Verizon mobile phone calling information for some time.

Where does Google Glass rank on the douche-wear scale?

Douches rule the world. There is empirical proof of that. They are everywhere. Google Glass will be their mind control mechanism. It will also stop all procreation. You have been warned non-douches. 

Dell on cyber security: You're screwed

I’m at the Dell Analyst conference this week and the Thursday morning session was all about security.

The Facebook and Yahoo CEOs: Dumb and dumber

If Facebook has a core demographic, it is probably the 12-22 year old user the platform was originally designed around. However, we’ve been hearing for some time that the above-mentioned demographic is likely tiring of the service.  

The fall of Apple and rise of Blackberry - what comes around goes around

Blackberry was the most powerful smartphone vendor just a short decade ago. Indeed, the corporation managed to translate its massively successful two-way pager business into what was ultimately dubbed the Crackberry, simply because people were so addicted to them.