Boxee Box gets November 10 shipping date

After months of anticipation, open source media developer Boxee has confirmed a November 10 release date for the Boxee Box by D-Link. It will ship to customers who pre-order the Box via Amazon in the United States or Best Buy and Future Shop in Canada.

Intellectual property suit could clip wings of CIA drones

It seems that no one is immune to patent law. And as a recent intellectual property (IP) suit alleges, the CIA’s unmanned drones that operate all over the world could very well be acting in violation of US legislation. email glitch leaves unanswered questions

A number of users were recently surprised to find blank e-mails in their inboxes which originated from a support address. The immediate fear amongst members was that the mass e-mailing may have been prompted by an unreported security breach.

Government uses social networking to infiltrate people's lives

As part of a lawsuit against half a dozen federal agencies, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)  has obtained chilling documents revealing how the government routinely monitors people online.

New e-Display will revolutionize handheld devices

Researchers at the University of Cincinnati have developed a new e-Display. The breakthrough is expected to maximize screen brightness and readability, while significantly reducing power consumption compared to current-gen devices.

Obama wants to unscramble our private communications

America has been known as the military–industrial complex for decades now, so it’s not surprising that the post 9/11 national security state has created big brother problems.

TED Boxee app makes big ideas user friendly and fun

TED talks are considered by many to be some of the most thought provoking content on the Internet. Open source pioneers Boxee have opened up TED’s surplus of valuable ideas to their users in a new app, and the results are fantastic.

University of Michigan grows stem cells despite federal ban

You can keep medical innovation down on a federal level, but you can’t keep the Wolverines down at the state level. Yes, the mighty mustelid doctors have created Michigan’s first human stem cell line.

Microsoft unites the big guns to invalidate patents

The big three of the software and computer industries are uniting for a common cause. Microsoft Corp. has the support of Google Inc. and Apple Inc. in their attempt to get a patent-infringement verdict overturned.

Congress ready to blacklist sites for Big Media

The legislative branch of the US Government is about to discuss a bill that favors big media corporations. The bill would be a big win for corporate censorship advocates and grant the government increased power to censor the Internet.

Cops and cameras in the digital age

Camera technology is an everyday part of life. It is affordable and it is more portable than ever. And if you haven’t already noticed, there are cameras everywhere.

Corn syrup studies clever marketing

Corn syrup is added to a ridiculous amount of the food we eat. But the substance is little more than a chemically engineered sweetener which has been increasingly linked to health problems.

Consumers International campaigns against IP barons

When the United Nations Global Forum for Global Governance of the Internet meets this week, Consumers International will be there to combat the Intellectual Property barons in the crowd.

Expert: Censoring Craigslist won’t stop prostitution

Danah Boyd has dedicated a large portion of her life to ending violence against women and children. She hates the type of scum who would victimize others through the sex-power matrix, domestic violence, and nonconsensual prostitution.

HP Fills iPad Hole and Makes Printers Relevant Again

 One of the interesting things that seem to happen when the industry undergoes a change is that the owners of the prior technology seem to do everything they can to validate the move rather than resisting it.  

Black Friday: Who's Kidding Who

We're in the middle of The Great Recession and there isn't much to sell Black Friday. Discuss.

Can we screw up WiMax, too?

Opinion – WiMax World USA opened its doors yesterday and welcomed more visitors and press than ever before. No question, the WiMax train is gaining speed quickly. Hardware makers had, given the technology's early state, an impressive array of devices on technologies on display that show that WiMax is real and worth the wait. So, what's up with the headline? Read on to find out.