Apple vs. Amazon: Why Amazon Will Win the Real Battle for the Future

Apple and Amazon shouldn’t be competitors, as one is a retailer and the other a hardware manufacturer. In fact, they should be partners - with Amazon selling Apple products.   

Unusual Holiday Gifts That Keep Folks Healthy and Safe

I've reviewed quite a number of gadgets during 2013. Several stand out as being particularly useful, while some are just a little bit amazing.

Picking a Tablet: There Really Is a Reason for the Choice

As we ramp up to Black Friday this year, I’m up to my armpits in new tablets, so much so that I’m convinced some must be having unprotected sex and making tablet babies. Of course, each tablet has its own unique advantages and disadvantages.  

The Lenovo Yoga Tablet: Is Lenovo Becoming More Apple than Apple? Is Kutcher the New Jobs?

The first part of this was the question going through my mind when I first unboxed the Lenovo Yoga 10 tablet. You see, historically Apple products were more about design than performance. You could always get a PC that would out perform a Mac but you’d be hard pressed to find a better looking product. 

Banning “undetectable” printed guns and the NRA dilemma

It is fairly difficult to pass a gun ban through Congress unless it is related to 3D printed firearms which Congress is moving to ban again. The NRA, which is pretty rabid about any form of gun control, is silent on this issue largely because it is funded by gun manufacturers who really don’t want people printing copies of their product rather than buying one.  

The Amazing Tegra Note 7: A Luxury Value Gaming Tablet

I’m really not a fan of just copying someone else’s products.  Yes Samsung has proven it can work but in the end it is still just a copy and it is far better to carve out your own space.   That is what NVIDIA did first with Shield and now with the Tegra Note 7 which is similar in performance but rather than an integrated Tablet and Controller, this is a pure tablet.  

8 Concept Cars You'll Want to See on the Showroom Floor in the Future

Concept cars are cool, but what’s the use if you can’t head over to the dealership and drive one off the lot? Here are eight concept cars that might make their way onto a showroom floor near you in the future.

The Panasonic Toughpad 4K-A Better Idea than Another iPad Clone

Much of what goes into our attraction to one tablet or other has to do with status and the perception that if you have a certain product you have arrived.   The iPad Air is an impressive product if you value physical design and number of apps over all else but there are products that better target particularl uses.   While the Panasonic Toughpad 4K is hardly in the iPad’s weight or size class it is ideal for those that want to create on something that is still very portable.   In a world awash with iPad clones it is nice to see a vendor try to create something very different.

In search of fun: Viper SRT vs. MB SLS (Gullwing) AMG vs. Jaguar F-Type

I’m in Club Sportiva which allows me to regularly drive supercars and not have to carry the full cost of owning one. Over the last two weekends I took out a Viper SRT, then the amazing looking Mercedes Benz SLS with the cool Gullwing doors in AMG trim, finally ending up with my Jaguar F-Type.

What I Learned By Being Almost Killed By A Facebook Rave

This was the revelation that soaked into my brain after nearly getting kicked to death as a result of an illegal Facebook Rave last weekend.   I’ve since looked into this a bit more and apparently this kind of thing happens a lot.

How IDC and other numbers companies screw Apple and Dell

Numbers companies count products and equate market leadership to market share in terms of numbers of products sold. But this is a revenue model and revenue isn’t really the best measure of success in business. Rather, the optimal measure of success is typically profit, or how much cash the company has left after expenses.  

Qualcomm In New York: Bringing the Magic to Mobile

Qualcomm kicked off a big press event in New York this week and it was kind of amazing to see what the company showcased. Not only did Qualcomm have both the new Kindle Fire HDXs and the new Nokia Windows RT tablet on display, but also showed off a large number of phones in the phablet class from vendors like Nokia, LG and HTC. 

Microsoft Surface 2 vs. Nokia 2520 - not as similar as you’d think

While both of these products have similar screen sizes, cameras, carry weights and price - they are actually targeted at very different consumer groups.  

Skully: A motorcycle helmet that Steve Jobs would have liked

With a name like “Skully” there is admittedly some irony in pointing to this company as one that appears to have created a motorcycle helmet which fits the Steve Jobs Apple usability model. 

The PlayStation 4: A few hours of awesome

I was given a few hours to visit with the Sony folks yesterday to see what is on the horizon for the PlayStation 4. I’ve got to say, I’m pretty impressed. 

The fun of renting an exotic car, the pain of owning one

Last weekend I took out Club Sportiva’s Lamborghini Gallardo Spider for a spin. This is an older 2007 car which comes with a little technology pain, but damn if it wasn’t a ton of fun to drive.  

Opinion: What HP missed about the future could affect other companies

HP had what was likely one of the best financial analyst meetings this week and the difference between the company this year and last was quite pronounced.

Dell declares the PC 'undead,' Windows 8.1 starts to shine

Dell really is pushing hard against the mindset that the PC is dead this week. The industry heavyweight had one of their largest PC launches ever and while tablets were a part of the launch, the devices didn’t eclipse the overall initiative. Personally, I think this is quite a strategic approach, simply because tablets haven’t been trending that well of late (particularly for Apple), and while volumes continue to rise, they are mostly tied to really cheap products.   

Tablet wars: Amazon vs. Microsoft and why Apple should be worried

The modern tablet market - created by Apple - has most recently been taken over by Google’s Android platform. However, Android is badly fragmented and the only pure player of scale seems to be Samsung, a corporation aggressively seeking an alternative.  

AMD’s cross-platform gaming strategy: Finding a lever

Archimedes said something to the effect if you have a long enough lever you can move the world. Well, right now gaming is reallt in trouble. Gaming companies are struggling to stay alive, with interest appearing to have moved from both game consoles and PCs to lower performing tablets and phones.