Yahoo vs. Best Buy: How not to screw your employees on Christmas

Yahoo is slated to execute layoffs today and Best Buy just announced troubling results from last quarter.

Opinion: DHS and Wal-Mart team up straight out of 1984

They say truth is stranger than fiction. But what do you do when you wake up one day and the worst things from dystopian fiction have become real thanks to a blend of big government and totalitarian capitalism?

Chrome OS: Why Google won't beat Microsoft Windows

Notice the key word in the title is won’t - not can’t. Sure, any vendor can be beaten but you have to first be willing to do what it takes to win.

Why WikiLeaks will never die

Human beings are hopelessly binary. Most perceive the world as a static equation populated by two, absolutist variables.

Microsoft: What a difference a year makes

Microsoft is likely to top the list of the most improved companies for 2011. Indeed, 2009 ended a decade of disappointing personal technology products from Redmond - particularly Windows Vista -  which left many of us wondering if MS could do anything right.   

Opinion: BitTorrent crackdown is Big Media fascism

The government is shutting down Web sites and it looks like they don’t need a law on the books to claim the authority to micromanage the Internet on behalf of Big Media companies.

Black Friday turns Thanksgiving into spending holiday

Thanksgiving is the one holiday where tradition points to staying at home and spending time with the family to be thankful. Black Friday on the other hand, is Thanksgiving's evil counterpart. 

Rush Limbaugh vs. Chevy Volt and why the pure electric car doesn't yet make sense

Motor Trend Magazine, one of my favorite publications, just named the Chevy Volt the Car of The Year. 

TSA humiliates cancer survivor, shows idiocy

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA), or as I heard it called in a bathroom stall, the Tyrannical Sex crime Administration, is trying to dehumanize every group of people in America. Their latest victim is a cancer survivor and the blue gloved goons left him covered in urine.

The brilliance of the iPad Trojan Horse

Sometimes I wonder if Steve Jobs is more brilliant than lucky, and I am willing to grant that he is likely both. 

Now your medicine might spy on you in the future

Getting tired of the global movement to spy on everyone, everywhere? Too bad - because it looks like your prescription pills are the next consumer item that will be modified to transmit data (spy) on you.

Govt. health bullies seek to limit cupcakes in PA

Kids in Pennsylvania schools may soon find their cupcake intake regulated by their state government. That’s right - in order to save the kids from themselves the state school board thinks it’s time to regulate the amount of sweets at school parties.

Opinion: More people should opt out of TSA scanners

The president of the Allied Pilots Association is urging to pilots to opt out of the naked body scanners, which are also known as Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT). This mass opposition to TSA porno scanners is one of the first steps in the right direction.

Oracle vs. SAP update: Catz does partial recovery but can't make up for Ellison

Safra Catz took the stand after Larry Ellison this evening and appears to have done a vastly better job of being a convincing witness.  

Oracle vs. SAP: Larry Ellison Testimony – Advantage SAP

Years ago I did a lot of litigation work and covered a number of trials over the last several decades for major media outlets. 

One of the historic problems when you put a CEO on the stand is they often feel they are vastly more convincing than they actually are.

Oracle, Mark Hurd and Jodie Fisher's revenge

The drama keeps swirling around Mark Hurd and his reality show-like experience. 

What the US elections mean for alternative energy, Google, Facebook and Tech

The people in the US have spoken and sent a rather alarming message to the US government and that message is "you are on the wrong track."  

Dell Brings Back XPS: Those three magic letters of lust

The original XPS desktop and notebook computers were products I lusted after but never actually owned. They are on a list of products that included the original Voodoo Envy, the HP Blackbird, and HP Firebird (had one of these HP made me give it back).   

Airport body x-ray scanner concerns slowly growing

The mainstream media might not give it much coverage, but information has been slowly leaking out into the public sphere that airport body scanners could be dangerous to people who pass through them. They could be more dangerous than the government previously admitted.

Apple vs. Google vs. RIM vs. TweetDeck: Why losers and winners shouldn't trash talk

Don’t get me wrong - the kind of drama going on in the tech world right now is like candy to a baby for me and I certainly don’t want it to stop.