Why the militarization of local police needs to stop

The ongoing OccupyWallStreet protests may be one of the biggest stories of 2011.

On stopping SOPA and going Dutch

US government officials like to brag about how proud they are to live in the freest country on earth. But most don’t think freedom extends to the Internet, and that’s why it’s time to consider some of the ideas being debated in Dutch Parliament.  

Government Volt a bad use of taxpayer money

You know, the Chevy Volt is almost as polarizing as Tim Tebow. Economic number crunchers hate the car and eco greenie idealists love it.

Pentagon wants pills to eliminate fear

Since emotionless androids and cyborgs from Skynet are not yet an option for the US military, the Pentagon is trying to develop the next best thing: a pill that allows troops to purge PTSD-related fear and anxiety.

Facebook's state of surveillance

Recently, two major newspapers I read in Michigan decided to switch to Facebook for reader comments on their websites. It got me thinking: does everything really need to be linked to Facebook?

Why the 1% shouldn't control the Internet

An alternative to the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act will likely be announced today. The problem?

Does the Internet help keep governments honest?

Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt believes the Internet is a tool that can help citizens keep their governments honest.

Analysis: Anonymous cancels attack against Zeta cartel

Anonymous has decided to cancel its attack against the Zeta drug gang. While it’s probably a smart move, the way this all went down brings up more questions about how the enigmatic hacktivist collective operates.

AMD’s FX chip and the autobahns of Windows 8

I was looking at the benchmarks of AMD’s new FX chip - which generally place performance between Intel’s I5 and I7 - when something immediately jumped out at me. 

Analysis: VeriSign wants to take down websites

The .com database manager VeriSign wants the power to shut down "illegitimate" domains when asked to by law enforcement.

Tesla S - the iPhone of cars?

One of the most interesting comments I heard from an attendee of the big Tesla S event last weekend was that the long-awaited car launch reminded him of an Apple event.

Windows Phone Mango - only the name sucks

There is a lot of irony in the Windows Phone platform; in fact you can almost use it as a metaphor for what is wrong with Microsoft. 

ATF loses hundreds of firearms in clandestine op

If you were playing a first person shooter on the hardest level, would you click a button that armed your enemies with thousands of guns to potentially be used against you?

Why I don’t really HATE Facebook’s redesign

Another day, another Facebook redesign, and cries of "I hate it!" and "Facebook, you totally wrecked my whole, like, you know, LIFE," are flooding the web. 

How to create a better world - the IBM way

I’m at IBM’s millennial event in New York - a conference which is focused on attempting to define what makes for great leadership.

Immigration measure is a sneaky national ID

Draft legislation to fight illegal immigration is being excoriated by critics as a sneaky way to introduce a national ID system. Whether you call it a national ID or a national database, it will likely be abused by the government.

The advent of Windows 8 Ultratablets

This week we have warring conferences as Microsoft and Intel scheduled their developer events on top of each other. This means there are a massive number of us trying to be in two places at once, mostly unsuccessfully.

US should be more like EU when it comes to GMOs

America isn’t perfect and emulating the European Union isn’t exactly a good way to bring back some of the glory from the pre 9/11 era.

DHS loses explosives, proves ineptitude again

If the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) loses their own explosives and nobody is around to see it, did it still happen?

How Yahoo can be turned around

There is a unique skill to turning around a company. It requires pragmatism and an inherent toughness because, typically, you have to first cut the corporation down to a foundation you can build from.