Southwest Airlines expands free in-flight Internet testing

  • Chicago (IL) - Today, Southwest airlines announced they will be expanding their current free in-flight Internet test to four aircraft, which will last "a few months". Passengers will be able log on using their notebook, smart phone or other Wi-Fi enabled device for the duration of the flight free of charge.

    Southwest is waiting for approval from the FCC to offer service beyond these initial trails. The AP Digital article says airlines are "rushing to add Internet service on flights to raise revenue and give passengers something else to do."

    Southwest's in-flight Internet connectivity is provided by satellite uplink, which is operated by Row 44. Other companies use ground-based signals. Southwest is also working with Yahoo to offer a home page with "destination relevant content" during the flight.

    TG Daily reported last month that United Airlines planned to offer Gogo Internet for a fee of $12.95 per leg of each flight.

    See the original AP article republished on Yahoo Finance.