Google's Internet Bus: Reaching out to India's poor

  • Tamil Nadu (India) - Google India has recently launched an Internet Bus. It's a mobile bus designed to share the experience of the Internet with individuals throughout the state of Tamil Nadu. This campaign is designed by Google to reach out to individuals who don't have vast exposure or knowledge of the internet and its endless possibilities.

    The bus will travel through 15 towns over the next six weeks. The bus has four major points of focus: 1) information, 2) communication, 3) education, and 4) entertainment. The Internet Bus will have content and information in both English and
    , which will teach users how the Internet can be in aid to all aspects of life.

    In addition to merely making individuals aware of this kind of technology, the bus will also teach people how to utilize search, email, social networking, mapping, and generally how to make their lives more rich via the information available on the web.

    "We are passionate about empowering users with information and the Internet democratizes access to information. With this initiative we want to take the power of this medium to people who will really benefit from it. We believe that if we can get people to experience the Internet even briefly they will find the means to go back again," stated Dr Prasad Ram, Head of Google R&D, India.

    The bus hopes to make the internet less intimidating and much simpler for new users. The concept of the Internet and its possibilities will be shared via videos that discuss ways individuals can utilize the internet - it will show grandparents interacting with their grandchildren and children far away via e-mail; or a student from a local school utilizing the web to search for information they wouldn't otherwise be able to get their hands on; or even a local band using MySpace to share their talent with people all across the globe.

    The Internet Bus will teach individuals to break through language barriers via Google, and utilize services on their mobile phones, and other Internet-enabled means.

    Google hopes to deliver the Internet to those who might not have it through this effort.