HP not interested in WiMax - for now

  • Palo Alto (CA) – If we look at the notebook manufacturers offering WiMax as an option, one important company is missing: The world’s largest computer builder, Hewlett-Packard (HP).  Why? HP believes it is premature to offer WiMax due to limited availability, questions about interoperability, roaming and service quality.  At least at this time HP believes 3G is the better option.

    WiMax won’t be the runaway success Sprint and Xohm once hoped. Especially since availability issues will limit the number of customers interested in paying at least $30 per month for access to what is generally described as "4G" service. It seems that at least some computer vendors are taking a closer look at WiMax and its overall strategy. And so far, not all of them are convinced WiMax will reach a critical mass in the market anytime soon.

    In a carefully worded statement, HP stated that "it's premature to integrate mobile WiMax into HP notebooks due to the limited scope of commercially available networks and uncertainties around interoperability, roaming, and quality of service."

    They believe WiMax is an "emerging technology and may integrate it into notebooks as the technology matures."

    For HP customers who want WiMax now, they are advised that they can purchase an "external solution" from a WiMax network operator. However, the company also indicated that it would much rather have its customers look at the 3G services available now:  "Currently, HP is investing in 3G and other WWAN technologies and partnering worldwide with operators and technology providers to deliver the best mobile broadband experience to our customers. Today, 3G and WWAN network services are mature, with 860 networks covering 220 countries/areas around the world."

    HP currently offers 3G options for CDMA and HSPA networks.