Coax is back, Dlink introduces Coax to Ethernet home networking kit

  • Fountain Valley (CA) – For those of you old timers who used to deal with Coax cable and Vampire Taps, Dlink’s new Coax Ethernet Adapter Kit will bring back some painful memories.  The DXN-221 bridges existing coaxial cable wired homes with Ethernet networks and can transfer at a top speed of 175 Mbps.  The kit comes with a Coax/Ethernet switch and two Coax/Ethernet adapters that can plug onto the ends of cables or wall outlets.

    Many modern homes are pre-wired with Coaxial cable and outlets for easy Cable TV installation.  Basically you call up the cable company, plug in the box and you’re ready to watch the latest episodes of Battlestar Galactica and arguing whether Baltar is actually a Cylon.  Dlink’s new box allows homeowners to easily piggy back data, movies and music signals on the cable at 800MHz to 1,500MHz.  Dlink claims this frequency band allows you to transfer files without disrupting the existing Cable TV signal.

    Back view of the DXN-221

    The DXN-221 kit comes with the switch and two Coax to Ethernet adapters and will be available in the third quarter for $200.  Additional adapters will be $110.  This seems a bit pricy, but the product might go well with home builders who want to provide some extra value in this technological age.  So instead of stringing Ethernet cable up to the bedroom, just plug a Coax cable into the back of the DXN-221 and then plug an adapter upstairs.  This of course assumes you already have a Coax outlet upstairs.