Who said wireless routers have to be boring?

  • Compton (CA) – Belkin today unveiled a fancy new router that you actually do not have to hide below your desk or on the corner of a shelf.


    The firm’s N1 vision router is a stylish new device that would look just fine next an expensive entertainment center or a decked out enthusiast PC. The device is, at least to our knowledge, the first wireless router to integrate a LCD that displays a network's broadband speed, computer bandwidth usage, the status of connected network devices, the guest network key, and date and time.

    Wrapped into a black and silver package, the N1 supports draft-n (802.11n spec 2.0) wireless connectivity using a 3x3 MIMO radio design. Also integrated are four wired Gigabit ports.

    The device will be available in late July for $200.