Gefen preps wireless USB hub

  • Chicago (IL) – Gefen has received the green light from the FCC for a new four-port wireless USB hub.

    Similar to the already available Belkin hub, the Gefen device follows the reference design provided by Wisair and uses the firm’s 503 RF chip and complies with the Wimedia 1.0 specification.


    Few details about the device are available, but we know that the hub will be using a dongle that is connected to a PC and a wireless hub that can be placed up to 60 ft away and can connect to up to four wired USB devices. As long as wireless USB capability is not built into hardware such as digital camera, the benefit of wireless operation will remain limited, but if you are looking to reduce the amount of cables connecting to your PC and extend the reach of USB connections, then these dongle-based models are working well.

    However, there is the fine print buyers should be aware of. First there is the data transfer speed, which theoretically ranges from 53.3 to 480 Mb/s, but is reportedly much lower in the real world. Second, wireless USB does not work on every computer: In this particular case, the Gefen hub will apparently include drivers for Windows XP SP2 only.