AT&T criticizes Vuze Corp for publishing ISP reset findings

  • Washington DC – AT&T has publically rebuked Vuze Corporation for publicizing findings about connection resetting by major ISPs.  AT&T insists that it does not insert false reset signals and goes on to say that Vuze should not have published the results or filed them with the FCC.

    Vuze Corporation owns the popular peer-to-peer application Azureus and recently published a list of ISPs that used a high rate of TCP reset packets.  The results were generated with a custom application that was installed on 8000 machines worldwide.  Comcast was first on the list, but AT&T also showed a high reset rate.

    But AT&T says the findings were flawed and that almost anything can generate a high number of reset packets.  AT&T backed up its claims by including a 2004 white paper titled “An Analysis of TCP Reset Behaviour on the Internet” written by professors from the University of Calgary.

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