Ethereal launches HDMI over CAT5/6 tech

  • Ethereal has released a new product that provides an elegant solution to transmit HDMI signals over long distances. The firm’s HDMI-CAT5 System allows HDMI signals to run long distances by converting the HDMI cable to CAT5/6, then back into an HDMI cable at the display. According to the company, distances of up to 75 ft over CAT5, up to 100ft over CATSE and up to 200 ft over CAT6 are supported.


    The technology isn’t cheap at $500 for two wall plates (one sender and one receiver plate), especially when 150 ft of HDMI cable are currently available on the Internet for prices around $250. And, of course, additional HDMI cables are necessary to connect devices to the outlets. However, if your house is already wired with CAT5/6 and you are planning to transmit HD signals throughout the house, Ethereal’s tech could be an interesting alternative.

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