HTC 2010 roadmap is a living Salsa legend

  • A roadmap that shows a number of HTC phone products set to be released next year has emerged on the internet.

    HTC, a Taiwanese company, is releasing phones with trippy names like Legend, Salsa, Tide, Buzz, Bravo, Photon, Trophy and Photon.

    According to the leaked roadmap, which also links to pictures of the forthcoming phones, HTC will introduce four Android devices next year and only there Windows Mobile 6.5 units.

    The Androids are the Legend, the Salsa - with a QWERTY keyboard, the Bravo, the Tide and the Buzz.

    Salsa, according to the same site, has a stylish look, a clickable optical mouse, and will be available for sale in March 2010.

    Buzz has a 3.2-inch screen, swappable covers, a five megapixel camera and is also an Android phone. Much more here.

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