No cash for iPhones and no more than two per person

  • Cupertino (CA) - Apple has stipulated a couple new purchase limitations for its flagship cell phone, requiring people to use a credit card when buying one and creating a per-person unit limit of two.

    Apple says the new requirements are to "ensure enough iPhones will be in stock this Christmas for people shopping for gifts or themselves."  However, some believe it is really a way for Apple to systematically limit the number of device modifications.

    The company really doesn't want resellers buying tons of phones, unlocking them to allow different service providers, and then selling them with various other calling plans.  With Apple's exclusive deal with AT&T, it receives a cut of every monthly service payment and it is not very happy over the fact that a reported 250,000 iPhones have been hacked to bypass that step.

    Last month Apple released an update and forced iPhone users to download it, in an attempt to prevent the unlocking attempts, but soon afterwards hackers had already found a way around the safeguards included in the update and unlocking has continued.

    The iPhone, which packs in 8 GB of internal memory is currently available for around $400.

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