AT&T Tilts phone lineup with Windows Mobile handset

  • San Antonio (TX) - AT&T today announced details about the Tilt, the first phone to include both Windows Mobile and Blackberry Connect.

    The official successor to AT&T's 8525 phone, the Tilt has a full feature set including built-in GPS, Wi-Fi, complete 3G capability, and a three megapixel digital camera.

    It also packs in a 2.8-inch screen and a slide-out Qwerty keyboard.  The screen gives the phone its namesake, as it tilts up and down to offer multiple viewing angles.

    The phone contains Telenav GPS technology, which includes travel guides, traffic alerts, and address sharing, a new feature for users to easily send their location to one of their contacts.

    The three megapixel camera is the most powerful currently offered on AT&T handsets.  Most notable, though, is the vast selection of communication features.

    The phone comes pre-packaged with Blackberry Connect, AT&T's own ExpressMail platform, and the full version of Windows Mobile 6.  AT&T says it is the phone to include both Blackberry and Windows Mobile.

    It is the latest in a blizzard of new, more feature-packed smartphones since Apple's launch of the iPhone in July.  Previously, handset makers had contended that most US customers were not ready for feature-intense phones.

    The Tilt will be available beginning tomorrow for around $300 with a service contract.