Apple shoots out patch to fix 10 iPhone bugs

  • Cupertino (CA) - Apple this week released an iPhone update to fix 10 flaws, the majority of which are related to the mobile Safari Internet browser.

    Seven of the ten issues fixed deal exclusively with Safari, including four that would allow attackers to execute malicious Javascript code.  Additionally, one vulnerability would make it possible for someone to trick people into dialing an incorrect phone number.  

    The two other Safari patches deal with an attacker being able "to obtain the URL of an unrelated page," and a potentially exploitable error in the display of whether or not Javascript is disabled, according to Apple's bulletin.

    In addition to those seven, the security update fixes a Bluetooth exploit where attackers could trigger malicious execution code on another user's iPhone, and a minor e-mail glitch.  Finally, the download patches an error that could allow malicious code in a message to make the user unknowingly place a call.

    The update brings the iPhone software to version 1.1.1.  It is available exclusively through iTunes and not from other typical update download outlets.

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