iPhone partially unlocked

  • New York (NY) – The fine geeks over at the iPhone Dev Wiki have claimed partial success in unlocking the Apple iPhone.  They have created a program call IASign that allows any AT&T or Cingular SIM card to be activated and used in the phone.

    What’s the big deal about using another SIM card?  You could get out of a the iPhone’s 2-year AT&T contract by buying using a SIM card that you already own.  You could also buy a pre-paid AT&T “Go Phone” and use that SIM card.

    Currently IASign is only available on Macs and the instructions are fairly cryptic, at least for the average consumer, but the hackers are working on a GUI interface along with a Windows version.

    The group says they aren’t giving up on fully unlocking the iPhone which would allow any carrier’s SIM card to be used.  “If the unlocking is possible we’ll eventually find it, so stay tuned :P,” wrote the dev team.

    We are still betting that code for a full unlock of the iPhone will be available in two weeks at the Black Hat and Defcon computer security conventions in Las Vegas.

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