Voodoo announces Core 2 Extreme notebook

  • Calgary (Canada) – VoodooPC is offering a new performance notebook equipped with Intel’s Core 2 Extreme X7800 processor and up to 600 GB of hard disk space.


    The Envy H:171 is one of the first notebooks to be available with Intel’s latest mobile processor. In addition to the 2.66 GHZ CPU, the system has a 17” screen and can be ordered with up to three hard drives.

    The base version of the X6800 system with 1 GB of memory and a single 80 GB drive sells for just under $6000. However, VoodooPC offers plenty of option to elevate the price to more than $8400 – including up to 4 GB memory, three hard drives (with up to 600 capacity according to the press release and up to 750 GB according to the configuration page), a TV tuner and a $650 custom paint job.