iPhone buyers love their phones - survey

  • Santa Monica (CA) – The vast majority of iPhone buyers are very happy with their purchase, according to a new study by Santa Monica-based Interpret.  The company polled 200 iPhone owners from July 6th to July 10th and found 90% were extremely or very satisfied with their purchase.

    It’s often said that word of mouth marketing is the best form of advertising, and Interprets survey shows that Apple did a very good job with the iPhone.  85% of the buyers told Interpret that they were extremely or very likely to recommend the phone to their friends and colleagues.  

    There are two more interesting facts from the survey.  30% of the buyers were first-time Apple customers while for 40% of the iPhone buyers it was their first iPod.  In addition to being a regular mobile phone, the iPhone doubles up as a PDA and iPod.