JP Morgan analysts duel over iPhone Nano predictions

  • New York (NY) – Is there an iPhone Nano in our future?  Analysts at JP Morgan are saying both yes and no in a case of dueling research reports.  Back on July 10th, we reported on JP’s Kevin Chang who predicted that a slimmed-down version of the iPhone would be coming out soon.  Well it seems that his colleague, Bill Shope, has a differing opinion.

    Shope published a research report that states that secondary sources failed to confirm Chang’s information, adding that “we are not yet convinced this is a likely event.”  Shope does believe that a lower-end iPhone is inevitable, but cautions that a near term launch would be “unusual and highly risky” for Apple.  

    Instead of a smaller and cheaper iPhone, Shope believes the next step for Apple will be a 3G version that will transfer data rates much faster than the current AT&T/Cingular EDGE-restricted phone.