iPhone line stand-ins charging $250

  • San Francisco (CA) – Some people with lots of time on their hands are offering to be line stand-ins for the Apple iPhone.  They have placed ads on Craigslist and are charging up to $250 in exchange for waiting for the Friday 6PM launch of the phone.

    Two people are shockingly honest in their offer to wait in the San Francisco area, saying, “2 clowns, unemployed and hungry, willing to wait in line… 250 a pop.”  Another guy wants $20/hour or around $200 for his time.  Apparently he is well versed in line waiting because he waited for the PS3 and “knew the drill”.  He wants 50% up front and the rest in line.

    A quick glance at the San Francisco Craigslist pages shows more than a dozen offers from people who are willing to wait in line.  Already a minor price war has erupted with people undercutting others.  Some guys are willing to take $150 for two days - which works out to much less than the $7.50/hour California minimum wage.

    We at TG Daily are quite perplexed at the line mayhem because there probably won’t be a shortage of phones.  Unlike the limited launch of Sony’s PlayStation 3, which spawned tent cities in front of electronics stores, Apple has promised millions of iPhones in the coming months.