AT&T hires 2000 workers for iPhone apocalypse

  • San Antonio (TX) – AT&T is expecting a rush for Apple’s iPhone and has hired 2000 temporary workers to staff their phone stores.  Stores will also have modified hours in order to prepare for the hordes of Apple fans who want to buy the phone and the countless others who probably just want to know what the heck all the commotion is all about.

    The phone will go on sale at 6 PM local time on June 29th and AT&T stores will close one and a half hours earlier to prepare.  AT&T says that every employee at its 1800 stores have been given approximately six hours of iPhone training.   Of course the phone will also be sold at 162 Apple retail stores.

    AT&T has an exclusive contract to sell the iPhone for two years.  Buyers will pay between $499 and $599 dollars and must agree to an up to two-year contract.