Toshiba to use AMD processors in laptops

  • Irvine (CA) - The fourth largest laptop maker in the world, Toshiba, will be shipping AMD-powered laptops in the summer.  The laptops will be aimed at the lower and moderately-priced consumer markets and will most likely use AMD’s Turion line of processors.

    A Toshiba representative confirmed that AMD processors were making their way back into Toshiba laptops, but added that Toshiba will still sell Intel Centrino laptops.  Indeed, it was just a few weeks ago that Toshiba announced a new Tecro M9 laptop using an Intel chip.  In addition, the rep wouldn't say exactly what models would be switching to AMD. 

    As announcements go this isn’t that big of a deal because laptop makers often change processor types and really don’t care what kind of chip are inside the computer – they just want to get the cheapest chips to squeeze out the most profits.  Since Toshiba sells around five million laptops a year, saving just a few dollars on each processor is substantial.

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