Climber completes world's highest cell phone call

  • Glucestershire (UK) - Rod Baber has set himself in the record books by making the world's highest cell phone call from a terrestrial location.  He made the call from atop Mt. Everest.

    At around 8:00 last night, Baber called a special voice mail account set up by Motorola to confirm his call, and then phoned his wife and kids.

    The call was made from 29,029 feet above sea level.  According to media reports, the temperature was around -10 degrees.  The air was so thin that Baber needed to wear an oxygen mask.

    In his record setting call, he simply said, "Hi, it’s Rod making the world’s highest phone call."  The call was possible because of recently built cell phone towers in China that extended reception high enough for the 4-mile high call.