Dell offers up to 500 GB storage capacity in mobile Alienware, XPS systems

  • Round Rock (TX) – Dell has begun offering 250 GB 2.5” hard drives with perpendicular magnetic recording technology in two portable computers.

    The first computers to offer either single or dual 5400 rpm 250 GB drives are the Alienware Aurora m9700 notebook and Dell’s fancy XPS 2010 portable computer. For the Alienware model, the high-capacity drive is offered as a $300 upgrade over the standard 80 GB hard drive; for the XPS 2010 the extra cost is $250 over the standard 80 GB model. A simple 500 GB configuration lists for $500, while the RAID option is priced at $525.

    The m9700 is available from about $1600; the XPS 2010 is priced from $3000.

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