Dash gives free GPS units for “road test”

  • Culver City (CA) - Dash Navigation is giving out 2000 GPS units for a free six-month test drive.  Geeks and “heavy commuters” can go to the Dash.net website to sign up for a free Dash Express navigation unit.  The company recently completed a preliminary test in Silicon Valley and thinks the Internet-connected unit is ready for the big time.

    The Dash Express is unlike other GPS units because it constantly accesses the Internet and also other Dash Express units for updated traffic and location information.  You can think of it as peer-to-peer navigation.

    In addition to network connectivity, the unit can receive addresses from an Internet browser or email.  Typing in directions while driving is a dangerous affair, but this allows your friends or coworkers to easily and safely give directions.

    200 drivers recently completed a preliminary test in the Bay Area.  According to Dash, the navigation unit received rave reviews from most of the testers.