SanDisk introduces industrial-grade compact flash cards

  • Culver City (CA) - SanDisk has announced a new line of compact flash cards designed for the extreme photographer.  The CompactFlash 5000 line will have cards ranging from 512 MB to 8 GB in capacity.  SanDisk claims the cards can withstand heavy shock, vibrations and extreme temperatures.  The company also claims the cards meet military specifications for durability.

    While compact flash cards are already fairly rugged, these new cards will take sub-zero temperatures and the roasting heat of jungles and deserts.  Sandisk claims the cards will withstand -25 Celsius to 85 Celsius temperatures.  In addition the cards should work at up to 80,000 feet above sea level.  These cards are also fast in addition to being rugged and have a sustained read and write speed of 30 MB per second.

    Sandisk says the cards are now shipping to OEMs for testing and mass production should begin in May 2007.  No pricing information has been announced.

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