Wilson Electronics shows off next-gen cellular phone amplifiers at CTIA

  • Orlando (FL) – Wilson Electronics has a new cellular phone amplifier that it claims will greatly eliminate dropped calls.  The SignalBoost amplifier will pump an extra three watts of power into a phone signal which, according to the company, is 10 to 15 times the power output of a normal phone.  The extra power increases both the transmit range and the receiving sensitivity.


    We got a glimpse of the new amplifier at Wilson Electronics’ booth at the CTIA Wireless convention in Orlando Florida.  The blue base unit is connected to an external roof or trunk mounted antenna and is powered from a cigarette lighter.  An optional AC/DC adapter can be purchased.  The phone’s signal is transmitted through a Velcro adapter that is attached near the internal antenna of the phone body. Company officials told us that previous generations of amplifiers used proprietary adapter cables that were specific to each phone model.

    Among other products on display at the Wilson booth was a five watt amplifier for Nextel and iDen type phones.  The company also showed off a car mounted cradle with an integrated antenna adapter in the chassis, which would eliminate the need for attaching a Velcro cable.

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