Motorola launches MC35 enterprise smart phone

  • Orlando (FL) Motorola has launched a third product in its “Enterprise Digital Assistant” (EDA) category, or smart phone to you and I. The MC35 is a Windows Mobile 5 based device featuring WiFi, Bluetooth, EDGE / GSM, GPS, a bar code scanner and camera all in one package.

    As well as acting as a phone via AT&T’s network, the device can pull down emails, act as an office and a navigation device, as we’ve come to expect of products in the category. The device is powered by Intel’s XScale PXA270 416 MHz processor, though the company mentioned nothing about battery life.

    This phone is aimed at the enterprise market, and as such Motorola's Mobility Services Platform (MSP) is included in the package in order to better facilitate the roll out of MC35’s and other Motorola EDA’s on an enterprise scale.

    The MC35 has a list price ranging from $640 to $750, depending on configuration, and will be available to order in April through Motorola’s North American and European business partners. Prices may vary depending on carrier discounts.