Napster partners with AT&T to offer free music service

  • Culver City (CA) - Existing and future AT&T residential and wireless customers will soon be able to access Napster’s music service for free.  Starting on April 1st, certain AT&T customers will be able to download songs and synchronize playlists to mobile devices through the Napster To Go service.  Regular monthly charges of $14.95 will be waived for the first year.

    The free service will be available to anyone who purchases a Samsung SYNC or Blackjack phone and agrees to a 2-year commitment.  Resident customers who purchase AT&T High Speed Internet or DSL service will also be eligible.

    AT&T is also offering existing customers an upgrade kit for $50 that contains a Samsung SYNC phone, accessory kit and 1GB memory card.  Customers that want to continue playing songs after the free 12-month period will need to subscribe to Napster to Go at the regular price.

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