Tivo launches remote mobile scheduling

  • Alviso (CA) - The increasing list of features on Verizon's wireless service now includes remote Tivo scheduling.  A new service launched today allows Verizon subscribers to manage their Tivo recordings anywhere in the country.

    The mobile interface looks just like the Tivo menu screen.  In the proprietary application, users can find programs by channel, time, or via a text-based title search.

    It also incorporates many of Tivo's well-known recording options, including the ability to schedule a "season pass" of a show to automatically find and record all future episodes.  Users can also pad their recording end times just in case the show runs a little over the scheduled time.

    Unlike virtually every other Tivo enhanced service, there is a charge for Tivo Mobile.  The Internet-powered application will cost users a monthly fee of $2.

    The application is very basic, so it should be able to run on a good chunk of existing Verizon phones.  The mobile provider and Tivo say they're constantly working to add support to older phones, and most new ones will come with the new app already pre-installed.