Archos unveils new WiFi PMP

  • Denver (CO) - Archos today introduced a new portable media player that it says is the first of its kind with a 7" screen and Wi-Fi capabilities.

    The Archos 704-WiFi has a screen resolution of 800 x 400 pixels and is presented in a 5"x7" size.  The device comes with an 80 GB internal hard drive, enough for around 100 hours of video.

    The Archos 704-WiFi also has a complete slate of wireless Internet functions, ranging from Web access to e-mail and other proprietary applications.  Users can also access graphical user interface (GUI) versions of various digital media stores, allowing users to download directly to the device.

    The 704 model is the second Archos device to work with the company's Archos DVR Station, a $100 set-top box that lets users stream content from the PMP to their TV.  The preceding model, the 604-WiFi, is the only other Archos device so far that works with the DVR device.

    Retail availability for the 704 is planned for mid-March, according to Aquos. It will retail price for about $550.

    In a related announcement, Archos today also announced that it is working on finalizing a deal with five "major airlines" to put the 604 and 704 devices in passengers' hands during international flights to and from the US, Europe, and Asia.

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