Report: AMD-ARM tablets due in 2014

Posted by Trent Nouveau

Earlier this year, AMD confirmed it would begin producing ARM-powered chips for servers in 2014. Recent reports indicate that the company will also start churning out ARM-based processors for tablets and other consumer devices by next year.

According to SweClockers, the tablet chip - most probably based on ARMv8 architecture - will likely be a 64-bit processor built around ARM’s Cortex-A57 and/or Cortex-A53 designs. As Liliputing's Brad Linder notes, that fact alone wouldn’t be enough to set AMD’s chip apart from the competition.

"ARM licenses its designed to a number of companies, and several have already announced plans to produce chips using ARMv8 designs. [However], AMD’s chip will reportedly use AMD’s own graphics technology, which it’s calling Graphics Core Next, or GCN," writes Linder.

"AMD has been one of the leaders in the PC graphics space since the chip maker acquired ATI Technologies in 2006. Now it looks like the company will be bringing some of its experience in graphics to the mobile space."

When AMD does enter the hyper-competitive tablet space with its ARM-based chips, it will find itself competing against processors like Nvidia's Tegra, which also benefits from Nvidia's graphics background, or original base.