LG touts "slimmest" 1080p mobile LCD

  • LG is touting what it claims to be the "world's slimmest" full HD LCD panel for smartphones.

    "The state-of-the-art 5.2-inch panel is a [definite] advancement for the premium mobile device market, enabling sleeker full HD smartphones featuring better 'grip-ability' and a superior viewing experience," an LG rep explained.

    Indeed, LG's LCD is only 2.2mm thin with a 2.3mm bezel, offering smartphone designers larger visible display space on handsets.

    "Dual flexible printed circuits, superior to a single circuit, have been inserted between the panel and touch film, reducing the number of lines on the panel by more than 30 percent," the LG rep continued. "Utilization of a direct bonding system has also resulted in optical clear resin between the panel and touch film for greater brightness."

    As expected, the new LCD panel - with a brightness of 535 nits at maximum - also offers enhanced outdoor readability, as real-life surroundings with Ambient Contrast Ratio results in a reading of 3.74:1 based on 10,000 lux.

    Plus, by utilizing 1,080X1,920 pixels consisting of RGB sub-pixels, the panel is indeed ranked as a true full HD display.