Leef Bridge - a USB flash drive for smartphones and PCs

  • Who amongst us hasn't used the stalwart USB stick to transport files or music - and perhaps even run apps? Probably 99%, give or take a percent.

    However, as Liliputing's Brad Linder notes, most USB drives have one thing in common: a full-sized USB connector designed to be plugged into a full-sized port on a laptop or PC.

    "The Leef Bridge has one of those full-sized connectors too," Linder wrote in a recent blog post. "But it also has a microUSB connector, which makes it easy to plug the Leef Bridge into a smartphone or tablet."

    Meaning, there's a full-sized connector on one end and a microUSB connector on the other.

    "Not every device supports USB storage devices. While a microUSB port can be found on most Android phones and tablets, on many devices that port is only used for charging. [As such], you’ll need a model with support for USB OTG capabilities to use the Leef Bridge," Linder added.

    A 16GB Bridge is available from the Leef Store for $18, while the 32GB iteration can be snapped up for $29. A 64GB will be going live sometime next month, with pricing info to be announced ASAP.

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