Atmel introduces ultra-low power single-chip touch controller for Windows 8 mobile devices

  • Atmel has introduced an ultra-low power single-chip device designed to support Windows 8 touchscreens up to 15.6 inches and touchscreen cover glass as thin as 0.4mm.

    "The mXT2952T [boasts] adaptive-sensing architecture, featuring both mutual and self capacitance to optimize performance," an Atmel spokesperson told TG Daily in an emailed statement.

    "[It] automatically selects the best sensing architecture, seamlessly switching to enable higher performance and lower power consumption. "

    According to the spokesperson, mutual capacitance enables true multitouch tracking while self capacitance offers benefits including idle power consumption, moisture immunity, glove tracking, and hover capability which detects a finger or an object not in contact with the screen.

    In addition, the new maXTouch T Series enhances noise immunity with capacitive touch dual analog and digital filtering architecture, optimizing signal-to-noise (SNR) ratio and power consumption.

    "The new features in the maXTouch T Series deliver improved responsiveness and a more intuitive user interface with additions such as hover that allow users to pre-select icons, letters, links and other images without physically touching the screen," the spokesperson added.

    The mXT2952T is slated for installation in a number of next-gen handsets, tablets, Ultrabooks, notebooks and all-in-one computers.

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