What is Samsung's Galaxy Altius?

  • Samsung is reportedly prepping a new mobile device dubbed the Altius.

    According to the Korean-based RuliWeb forum, the Altius is actually a smartwatch that includes a number of modern features, such a music (shortcut) key, e-mail reader and clock.

    The device is likely to boast a touch-screen and perhaps 256MB of RAM. It remains unclear exactly what type of software will power the watch, with Slashgear speculating the engine could either be Android or Java-based.

    Meanwhile, the folks at Sammobile are reporting that the Altius is part of Samsung's upcoming Project J line, which also includes the Galaxy S IV (GT-I9500).

    "The other two devices by Samsung is the Project J Mini which uses the codename Serrano. The Poject J mini Serrano simple hints to the Galaxy S IV mini. This device uses almost the same accessories as the Galaxy S IV only this device can’t use the wireless charging dock," explained MartinR.

    "The third device could be Samsung’s answer to Apple’s rumoured iWatch. Project J Active based under the codename Fortius uses some strange accessories like a Arm Band, a Bike Mount and a Pouch. Project J Active isn’t final decided yet but the Altius and Serrano are."

    As PhoneDog's Chase Bonar points out, if the Altius is indeed for real, it could pose a definite threat to Apple's rumored smartwatch.

    "However, if I said I wasn't a bit hesitant about Samsung's smartwatch, I wouldn't be telling the truth. My main concerns with the screenshots is a lack of navigation buttons, or location titles (like back, home, menu). It wouldn't be outrageous to think the screen will be around 2 to 3-inches in diameter like the Pebble and the Neptune Pine, but these devices are completely different animals.

    "Where the Galaxy Altius will most likely go down a completely touch-based UI, the Pebble uses physical buttons for navigation. The Neptune Pine is a miniaturized Android smartphone running a heavily customized OS dubbed 'Leaf' and thus uses touch gestures just like any Android-powered smartphone. In other words, it won't be hard to navigate," he added.

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