Archos goes platinum with quad-core Android Jelly Bean tablets

  • Archos has introduced a new lineup of Android Jelly Bean (4.1) powered tablets equipped with high-def IPS displays and quad-core processors.

    The Platinum range includes three tablets of varying sizes: 8-inch, 9.7-inch and 11.6-inch.

    Specs? Capacitive multi-touch screens, quad-core core CPU clocked at 1.2 GHz paired with an 8-core GPU for 1080p video decoding.

    Additional features include 2GB of RAM, front and back cameras, mini-HDMI/micro SD ports, and most importantly, full access to Google's expansive Play Store which is stocked with at least 700,000 applications.

    "The Archos 80 Platinum, an 8-inch tablet, features a 1024x768 resolution IPS screen and when compared to the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 it is almost twice as fast, has double the RAM and has a back camera for a fraction of the cost," an Archos rep told TG Daily.

    The 80 Platinum will be available in February for $199.

    Meanwhile, the 97 Platinum HD is a 9.7-inch tablet with a 2048x1536 resolution IPS screen that is comparable to the Retina display found in the iPad - but 40% less expensive. The 97 Platinum HD is slated to hit virtual store shelves in February for $299.

    Last, but certainly not least, is the 116 Platinum, an 11.6-inch tablet boasting a 1920x1080 resolution IPS screen for a cool $349 (available this April).