The Chrome-Android laptop-tablet mashup

Posted by Trent Nouveau

Recent reports indicate that Mountain View is prepping a Google-branded Chromebook with a touchscreen.

As we've previously discussed on TG Daily, a touch-screen version of the Chromebook would effectively serve to blur the lines between Android and the cloud-centric OS. Although ChromeOS and Android will likely remain two distinct operating systems for now, one can't help but wonder if Google ultimately plans to merge the two at some point in the distant future.

If it did, what would the resulting device look like? Well, Charbax of speculates the system could run Android 5.0 in an effort to support Chrome OS on top of Android - and the same for Ubuntu on top of Android.

"Multi-booting becomes standard feature of Android," Charbax opined. "[Then again], it’s not really multi-booting, it’s enabling to run alternative Linux OSes on top of the base Linux OS of Android."

Additional (potential) specs according to Charbax? 2.85″ Pixel Qi LCD, 16GB Flash with SD slots, a 2.5″ HDD slot, 25 hours battery life, 200 grams flat battery dock (doubling battery life to 50 hours), a swivel screen and a super slim keyboard designed to be concealed behind the screen for tablet mode.

The device, says Charbax, may very well be powered by an ARM Cortex-A15 - either an OMAP5 paired with the SGX544 or Exynos5 paired with the Mali-T604.

"Initial production [would kick off] at 20 million, enough to make a significant mark on the market, next batch can be 100 million units.

"[Pricing would be set at] $200, available worldwide on day 1. Second batch can be sold for $150 or $100, with Google [potentially] subsidizing a few of those millions to be used by children in developing countries through the One Laptop Per Child project," he added.