Running core Android 4.2 apps on any Jelly Bean device

Posted by Trent Nouveau

Android 4.2 can best be described as a "new flavor" of Jelly Bean that powers Google's recently announced lineup of Nexus 10 tablets and Nexus 4 smartphone.

However, you don't have to wait for Android 4.2 to roll out to your specific device to run updated core apps. But remember, Android 4.1 is a prerequisite, so Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) just won't cut it.

Still, the lucky folks who already have the first iteration of Jelly Bean can take advantage of a recent Nexus 4 system dump. The leaked data was picked through by XDA Dev member Droid Hack, who managed to extract all core Android 4.2 apps as well as the latest Google Apps from the Nexus 4 dump, deodex them, and prep them for installation on any device running Jelly Bean 4.1 or later.

According to the folks at XDA Devs, the apps in the package include Camera, Desk Clock, Chrome, Maps, Street View, Gmail, Play Store, Play Music, Google Talk and all other core Google Apps and Android system apps. In addition, all the required libraries are also included in the package for functionality.

Interested? You can find the original thread and updated apps here.

As TG Daily previously reported, new Android 4.2 features include support for streaming content to a TV or display with a wireless HDMI adapter, a keyboard that supports gesture-based text input, improved text prediction and support for multiple users on the same device with separate accounts.

Additional features? Photo Sphere, which allows users to snap photos and create panoramas by moving the camera in different directions; expandable, actionable notification and easy personalization of the home screen.

And last, but certainly not least, Daydream allows your Android device to display data and images - even when idle or docked. Additional information about 4.2 Jelly Bean can be found here on Google's Android splash page.