Yes, Google is prepping a 32GB Nexus 7 

Posted by Trent Nouveau

Google's popular Android Nexus 7 tablet is currently available in two iterations: 8 GB for $200 and 16GB for $250. 

As you may recall, Mountain View declined to launch a 32GB version at launch, prompting devs, modders and even the average end user to clamor for more storage space.

Fortunately, it now seems as if Google has decided to launch a Nexus 7 model with 32GB of storage.  

Indeed, a number of ads have tipped up online depicting the new Nexus 7, with a trio of tablet listings termed a "lock" by Ryan Whitwam of Android Police.

"All three listings have the same part number and two of them have a matching UPC included," writes Whitwam. "None of them have an image, but we all know what a Nexus 7 looks like - just imagine it with more storage inside."

At least two of the listings price the new Nexus 7 at $269 and $272. Of course both ads could theoretically be placeholders, but I'm thinking an approximate price of $275 is probably a realistic sales point.

In other Nexus 7 news, XDA Dev member Jay Aristide recently put together a package of updated (JRO03R build) tablet driver binaries.

As TG Daily previously reported, the device hasn't been immune from its share of bugs, some of which may very well be vanquished by the new build.

Key features of the new build include: 

* WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS by Broadcom
* Touchscreen by ELAN
* Orientation sensor by InvenSense
* Graphics & CPU by Nvidia
* DRM by Widevine

Current forum discussions indicate the latest drivers have successfully fixed unresponsive touch screen issues for some, although the consensus remains that the software update can only take the Nexus 7 so far on a software level, as inherent hardware related problems will likely remain.

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