KDE devs delay Vivaldi Linux tablet

Posted by Trent Nouveau

The KDE development team has postponed the design and production of its Vivaldi Linux tablet which was originally slated to feature a Plasma Active user interface (UI).

According to Brad Linder of Liliputing, the project has encountered a few “speed bumps" along the way, prompting the KDE crew to seek out new hardware partners. 

"Basically, the group had been working with an Asian hardware maker which hadn’t released all the source code needed," Linder explained. "Then the manufacturer changed hardware designs, making things even worse."

The KDE team is currently evaluating hardware from an alternate manufacturer, although it now seems increasingly unlikely that the Vivaldi tablet will be a modded version of the 7-inch Zenithink C71 tablet - if it ever actually rolls off the production line. 

In other Linux related news, the Fedora team recently released the very first alpha build of its Fedora 18 Spherical Cow which can be downloaded here for GNOME, KDE, Xfce, or LXDE desktops.

Fedora 18 boasts a number of new features, including support for Secure Boot on computers with UEFI firmware instead of a BIOS (can be installed alongside Windows 8), network hotspot capabilities and Eucalyptus cloud computing software.

Additional information about Fedora 18 is available on the operating system’s project Wiki here.