Amazon may postpone debut of 10-inch Kindle Fire

Posted by Trent Nouveau

Amazon will likely debut a new lineup of Kindle Fire tablets during its upcoming September 6 press conference in Santa Monica, California.

However, recent reports indicate that the Seattle-based corporation may postpone the roll-out of its 10-inch Kindle Fire in favor of devices that are smaller than Apple's dominant iPad. 

Amazon may delay 10-inch Kindle Fire

Indeed, according to AllThingsD, the larger Fire is "definitely not a done deal," as "it's not clear if Amazon is ready to roll one out quite yet."

"There might, though, be a slightly larger version, perhaps around eight inches or slightly more," explained Tricia Duryee of AllThingsD. 
"While not getting a 10-inch version might disappoint some, with Apple's latest iPad expected to be a smaller version, sources said that competing head on with the old one is a possibility but might not come in this iteration."

Duryee also noted that Amazon is still planning to move ahead with a revamped seven-inch device, which is expected to be thinner and lighter than the original iteration of the Fire.

 Specs will likely include a built-in camera, as well as an upgraded display with 1280×800 pixel resolution. 

Mobile broadband options may be arriving alongside the new lineup as well, with Duryee speculating that the current WiFi-only Kindle Fire paradigm will likely somehow be redefined in the near future.

"Today, Amazon packages 3G with some of its more expensive e-ink readers for free... But that seems like an impossible model when it comes to devices designed to be media hogs. While not optimal to make consumers pay for 3G or 4G, having the option is a feature consumers might be looking for," she added.

In other Kindle related news, Engadget is reporting that Amazon is now completely sold out of both its WiFi and 3G Kindle Touch units - which hardly seems to be a coincidence in light of the upcoming September 6 press conference in Santa Monica, California.

According to Shawn Ingram of GottaBeMobile, the latest iteration of the Kindle Touch will likely feature the same touchscreen, but is expected to boast new features to bring it up to speed with Barnes & Noble's Nook SImple Touch with Glowlight.

"The new Kindle Touch will likely have a light-up screen that will make reading in the dark much easier for Kindle owners," he speculated.

"[And] since Amazon is out of stock of the Kindle Touch now, we assume the light-up model will be available the same day as the September 6 event. If not, the new model will likely go up for pre-order that day with a shipping date sometime shortly after."