Intel anticipates major smartphone market share

Posted by Trent Nouveau

Intel - which only recently debuted its first Android smartphone - says it expects to become a "big player" in the lucrative handset market over the next five years. 

"[We don't] go into markets to be a small player," Intel CFO Stacy Smith told Bloomberg.

Intel eyes major smartphone market share"It's a billion-unit market, so there's huge opportunity for us."

According to Smith, Santa Clara has already clinched five customer wins for its x86 Medfield phone-chip designs, which means Intel is finally moving forward in its quest for market share.

"As of a week ago, we had zero share. As of this week, it's zero-point-something, because the first phones are selling," Smith confirmed. 

"And five years from now, we want to be a significant portion of the market."

Obviously, Intel has quite an uphill climb to deal with when it comes to smartphones, as the ARM-oriented market is currently dominated by numerous industry heavyweights, including Nvidia, TI, Qualcomm and Samsung.

Nevertheless, a number of journalists and analysts remain optimistic about Intel's mobile chances, including Silicon Valley tech guru Charlie Demerjian who tested the x86 powered Lava Xolo X900 as the smartphone hit Indian streets.

"We can definitely say that it has met our expectations as 'just another ARM phone,' a make or break bar for Intel's phone ambitions. It unquestionably made it. App compatibility was nearly 100%, only one thing we tried didn't work, and that wasn't necessarily the phones fault, it could have been a bad package on the store," Demerjian wrote in a detailed analysis posted on SemiAccurate.

"Overall, Intel has done what they promised and exceeded our expectations. If you buy an x86 based phone, be it the Xolo X900 or any of the successors, it should just work the way you expect an Android phone to. The speed ranges between really fast for most things to really slow on some games, but that is liveable unless you are a die-hard gamer. It does just work."