AT&T throttles iPhone data hogs to 2G speeds

Posted by TG Daily Staff

AT&T has reportedly begun throttling the top 5% of its data users to, yes, you guessed it, 2G speeds.

According to CultofMac, AT&T is informing (affected) customers of the controversial move via a rather impersonal text message which reads:

AT&T throttles iPhone data hogs to 2G speeds"Your data usage is among the top 5 percent of users. Data speeds for the rest of your current bill cycle may be reduced."

Unfortunately, it remains unclear just exactly how much data one must consume to make it into the alleged 5%.

However, the carrier says such users typically gobble up approximately 12 times more data than the average customer.

As such, the above-mentioned policy probably does not apply to the average iPhone user, who, according to a recent J.P. Morgan report, consumes around 800MB of data per month.

But the 2G throttling move will undoubtedly spell bad news for jailbreakers on unlimited plans using tethered Cydia hacks in an effort to bypass subscribing to AT&T’s official tethering plan.

So either they will have to bite the bullet and subscribe to a tethering plan or move to Sprint, which has yet to impose data limits.