HTC Thunderbolt overclocked to a screaming 1.8GHz

Posted by Trent Nouveau

@drod2169 - aka Derek Rodriguez - has coded a sweet kernel which revs HTC's Thunderbolt to a cool 1.8GHz.

Indeed, the 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon (MSM8655) managed to crank out processing speeds that even Motorola's Xoom tablet can't (yet) achieve with its lightning fast (Nvidia) Tegra 2 processor.

Sure, the Xoom has been overclocked, but remember, it maxes out somewhere around 1.5 GHz. 

And while definitely respectable, it still clocks in well below the Thunderbolt's 1.8GHz.

So, where can you download the patched kernel?

Well, unfortunately you can't, because it hasn't yet gone live online. 

As Jaroslav Stekl of Android Police notes, while 1.8GHz is an "undeniably crave-worthy speed," the Thunderbolt probably can't handle the overclocked setting for an extended period of time. 

"Nevertheless, this is a fantastic example of what the ThunderBolt's hardware is capable of," explained Stekl.

"[It also points to] what we can expect from future mods, especially now that we have the necessary resources, so go developers, go!"