Microsoft paid Nokia billions to ditch Symbian for WP7

Posted by Trent Nouveau

Microsoft is apparently paying Nokia billions of dollars to ditch Symbian and MeeGo in favor of its Windows Phone 7 (WP7) operating system.

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop confirmed the lucrative payoff in Barcelona, Spain on Sunday, a day before the annual Mobile World Congress officially kicked off.

"This is something I don't think was completely explained [in earlier briefings and statements]," he said.

Microsoft paid Nokia billions to ditch Symbian for WP7According to Elop, the payments are a clear sign of recognition that Nokia has "substantial value to contribute."

Elop - a former Microsoft employee - noted that Nokia was also courted by Google, which had unsuccessfully attempted to persuade the company to adopt its flagship Android mobile operating system.

"[Of course], a decision to go with Windows Phone creates a very different [mobile] dynamic.

"It's an environment where now, Windows Phone is a challenger," he added.

(Via Associated Press)