Report: Android kernel suffers from "high-risk" defects

Posted by Trent Nouveau

A report due to be published on Tuesday claims that Google's popular mobile Android operating system suffers from no less than 88 "high-risk" defects.

According to the Financial Times, the study by code analysis group Coverity identified multiple programming errors which could be exploited by hackers to access e-mail and other critical data.

Although Coverity researchers found the defects during an in-depth dissection of HTC's Droid Incredible smartphone, the company insists that other Android devices are "likely" to share the same programming errors. 

Report: Android kernel suffers from "high-risk" defects Such flaws reportedly include improper memory access and related corruption - with significant potential to cause security vulnerabilities, data loss and system crashes.

Andy Chou, Coverity's co-founder, told the FT that he planned to make the details of the errors public in about two months.

"We [just] want them to fix the problems," he said.

"[And so], we are trying to follow the model for responsible disclosure."