Report: Pegatron to manufacture HTC Android tablet

  • Pegatron Technology has apparently clinched a lucrative deal to manufacture an Android-based tablet for HTC.

    So, what will the alleged tablet look like?

    Well, Monica Chen of DigiTimesreports that the HTC tablet will be powered by Nvidia's Tegra 2 processor and feature a 1280×720 multi-touch panel, 32GB SSD, 2GB of memory along with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS capabilities.

    "With support from Nvidia's platform, the device's multimedia performance is expected to be stronger than that of iPad. The [tablet] will also [offer] software support such as Chrome Web apps and Android Market from Google," claimed Chen

    "[And] since HTC has advantages due to its relationship with telecom carriers worldwide, market watchers believe HTC's tablet PC should achieve better sales than other notebook brands, [with] the price of the tablet PC estimated at $790."

    $800 for a tablet!?

    Yes, that does sound a bit steep, and as Scott Webster of CNET points out, will surely frighten quite a number of potential buyers.

    "[Sure], as nice as it would be to have an Android tablet from HTC in time for the holidays, I am content with waiting a little longer. 

    "[Besides], we've heard recently that the current build of Android (Froyo) is not optimized for the tablet experience.

    "[So], if anyone truly wants to release an 'iPad killer' then they will need to nail down every little detail - especially the part where it just works [and, of course, the price]."